Let’s learn about the process of creating a webtoon!

The process of creating a webtoon can be summarized as follows. The process can be broadly divided into the following stages: idea development, storyboarding, drawing, coloring, publishing, and sharing.

idea development

The first step to creating a webtoon is developing an interesting idea. Ideas can start with an interesting story or character concept.

Create a storyboard

As the idea develops, I create a storyboard. Storyboards are used to flesh out the story of each episode and design the panel layout.


Draw characters, backgrounds, and other elements based on the storyboard. You can use digital paint, picture editing software, or analog drawing at this point. 툰코


Color the pictures to make the webtoon more vivid. Digital coloring software makes coloring convenient.

Add text

Add text to your webtoon, including dialogue, captions, and thought bubbles. This text plays an important role in character dialogue and storytelling.

Editing and Review

Edit and review pictures and text to correct errors or shortcomings. Some webtoon writers also work with professional editors.

Publish and Share

Save your webtoon in digital format, publish it on popular webtoon platforms, or share it through your own website or social media.


Webtoons are provided to readers at a certain serial cycle. The publishing cycle can be set to once a week, weekly, or any other frequency.

Interact with readers

Webtoon creators interact with readers and accept feedback. It is important to listen to readers’ opinions and adjust or develop the webtoon.

Marketing and Promotion

We carry out marketing and promotion to introduce webtoons to more readers. You can promote using social media, posters, blogs, email newsletters, etc.

By following these steps to create a webtoon, you can provide your readers with an enjoyable reading experience and create a popular work. However, creating webtoons requires a lot of effort and time, so you need patience and passion.