Learn how torrent file sharing works

Torrent file sharing divides files into smaller pieces (file fragments).

And it is used to share these file fragments among multiple users.

File division

The original file is divided into small pieces. Each piece is usually a few hundred kilobytes (KB) to a few megabytes (MB) in size. These file fragments are identified by a series of numbers.

Create torrent file

After splitting the file, create a torrent file (.torrent file). The torrent file created in this way contains the structure of the original file and unique information for each file fragment.

Use a torrent tracker

Torrent trackers use torrent files. Manage how these file fragments are delivered to which users. Users connect to the tracker to request and upload file fragments.

Download and upload

Users use torrent client software to run torrent files.

Then connect it to your tracker. Then, the location information of the file fragment is received from the tracker.

So I download a piece of file from another user. 토렌트

File sharing and distribution

Users who download share the file fragments with other users.

Through this sharing process, file fragments are distributed. And it can be shared between multiple users, making the file completely downloadable.

Connection and relay

A torrent client connects with multiple users and relays file fragments.

Once you download a fragment, you upload that fragment to another user.

Continue to download

Even if the download is interrupted in the middle, you can download it again.

Downloaded file fragments can be retrieved from trackers and other users.

So you can continue downloading without interruption.

Torrent file sharing provides fast download speeds by distributing files. And it provides the advantage of efficient use of bandwidth.

However, you must use it only for lawful purposes. Sharing and downloading illegal content can lead to legal problems.