Summary of information that can be found by looking at cadastral maps

Cadastral map is an important tool that provides various information about land and real estate. Below is a summary of what you can learn from a cadastral map.

land border

A cadastral map shows land boundaries, allowing you to determine the boundaries and size of a specific property.

landowner information

The cadastral map shows the name or number of the land owner. This will give you landowner information. 지적도무료열람

land use

Some cadastral maps may show the main uses of the land (residential, commercial, agricultural, etc.) and provide an idea of how the land is being used.

Building and Structure Information

Cadastral maps can show the location and size of buildings, parking lots, warehouses, and other structures.

Roads and road accessibility

A cadastral map shows roads and road networks, allowing you to check your property’s road accessibility and the names of adjacent roads.

terrain information

Provides information about the land’s topography, landform features, and landform changes. This is useful for terrain analysis and environmental planning.

Land features and constraints

Cadastral maps can show land features (rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, etc.) and constraints on the land (environmental protection areas, conservation areas, etc.).

Tax and Assessment Information

Cadastral maps can display property tax information, assessed values, and related details.

historical information of the land

You can track historical information about land, such as past owners, land divisions and mergers, and real estate transactions.

Source and update date of cadastral map

You can determine the reliability of the information by checking the source and update date of the cadastral map.

This information is utilized in real estate transactions, land development, property management, tax decisions, environmental protection, urban planning and a variety of decision and planning processes.

Cadastral maps serve as an essential source of information for real estate and land management, and play an important role in related fields.